Releasing therapy

Stress increases physical tension and leads to disorders in the body. Muscle tensions interfere with the work of individual body systems, and their bad functioning has a negative impact on the mental state of a person. In this way we become more and more tired and at the same time addicted to stress.

The releasing therapy we offer is designed to break the loop of inability to free oneself from stress, reducing the level of muscle tension and having a sensory effect on a person.

Relaxation as a form of therapeutic therapy is the effective management of stress by selecting appropriate techniques to suit the patient’s individual needs in order to relax the muscles, reduce excessive tensions and relieve emotions.

The releasing therapy is one of the best methods for stress, excessive muscle and mind tension, headaches, chronic fatigue. It also improves vitality, guarantees peace, calmness, good mood and even regulates pressure.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: PLN 150