Our offer is also addressed to people who do not complain about specific ailments but would like to protect themselves against possible injuries or pain incidents in the future.

skiing, tennis, volleyball, etc.

The therapy is focused on finding “weak points” in the patient’s body and subjecting them to appropriate stimulation, both manual and motor (exercise), taking into account the specificity of a given sport.

It is said that pregnancy is not a disease, but ailments associated with this important period of every woman’s life are common. Pain and stiffness of the spine, swollen legs, hand numbness; we will help you to alleviate these inconveniences. Also, childbirth itself is a real challenge for a woman’s body. Properly selected exercises will prepare your body for this enormous effort.

The postpartum period brings many problems related to the return of a woman’s body to “normality”. We’ll help you with that. Properly selected therapy supporting abdominal shells in regaining proper tension and restoring proper muscle balance in the region of spine and limbs will make you enjoy full motherhood.

Is your work associated with long hours spent in front of a computer or behind the wheel? If so, you have certainly experienced some pain or stiffness in your neck or lumbar spine. Sedentary work carries the risk of many overloads in the musculoskeletal system and, as a result, serious diseases of both the spine and limbs. Our therapeutic methods allow to remove overloads associated with sedentary work and prepare your spine for long hours spent in front of the computer or behind the wheel. Of course, we will teach you to sit properly and do simple exercises that you will be able to do during your work to bring you relief. We will also explain how to choose a seat, how to adjust it, how to set up the monitor properly in order to minimise the negative impact of a sitting position.

Round back, flat back, scoliosis, genu valgum, flat feet. Although these terms are common, the knowledge about them among patients is based on the established patterns. It is generally known that exercises in case of faulty posture are necessary, but are they effective? This is where the problem begins. Children do the same or similar sets of exercises regardless of whether their scoliosis involves double or single scoliotic curve, or whether it is accompanied by genu valgum or bowlegs. Therefore, there is little or no correction for these abnormalities. Our posture testing and analysis methods are able to discover what lies behind a particular faulty posture. Appropriate therapy and exercises that take into account the mutual relations between different parts of the body, give the possibility of posture correction and reduce the risk of many problems and ailments in later life.

An old proverb says, you are as old as you feel. And this is absolutely right. Older age brings many ailments and functional problems of everyday life. Most of the human body systems are injured. The appropriate therapy, properly selected exercises and physical activities, taking into account the patient motor skills, allow to improve the functioning of both the motor system and the cardiorespiratory system. Due to this, the difficulties of everyday life become easier to overcome.