Myofascial Therapy

The techniques of our work with the patient are based primarily on the fascia, as a tissue whose plasticity allows its continuous reconstruction and influence on the functions of the organs and structures connected to it.

The main methods of our work are Fascial Manipulation, GDS Muscle and Joint Chain Method and Soft Tissue Therapy Techniques.

The therapy we offer you is a treatment that has a holistic effect on all systems of the human body, therefore it is always selected individually according to the Patient’s needs.

The philosophy and the main goal of our therapy is to find the cause of the patient’s problem. Pain is only the last link in the chain of tensions that blocked the body or part of it and caused symptoms throughout life, due to trauma, overload, stress and illness.

We initially plan three treatments for our patients and the physiotherapist decides on further course of treatment basing on the results of treatment.

Duration: 40 minutes

Price: PLN 150