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HOLISTIC – Centre for Myofascial Therapy

HOLISTIC was founded in 2012 by three physiotherapists with passion.

HOLISTIC was founded in 2012 by three physiotherapists with passion.
Therapeutic techniques are selected individually for each patient, depending on the type of the disease, the length of its occurrence, the intensity of the ailment and the patient’s expectations in order to achieve the best possible therapeutic results.

HOLISTIC, in order to meet the expectations of its customers, invites you to the newly built facility in Solec-Zdrój at ul.Leśna 18A. The Myofascial Therapy Centre is divided into medical department, accommodation facilities and a restaurant, where you will be able to regenerate and eat healthy and tasty food.

…that the pain you feel in your shoulder is a consequence of an ankle broken many years ago

…of your forehead and sinuses region, which you’ve been fighting since childhood, reduced your back pain?

…of abdominal tension and a change of diet resulted in the elimination of sciatica?

Sounds weird?
But this is how our therapy works!


Before the First Therapy

The most common reason for visiting a specialist in physiotherapy is pain or movement disorder. At some point these factors become too annoying and the patient cannot cope with them himself. They disturb the proper functioning and limit everyday activities in private and professional fields.

The purpose of the meeting is to identify the problem which the Patient reports. By performing a detailed interview – “body reading” (visual assessment) and manual examination, the therapist finds the cause of the problem and develops a treatment strategy.

Holistic means comprehensive

The main assumption of our work concept is to understand the health and functioning of the human body as a whole.

Despite huge progress in conventional medicine as well as in manual medicine and physiotherapy, the spinal pains and other ailments resulting from functional disorders of the locomotor system still affect a great part of society. Everywhere in the world, effective solutions to this problem are being sought, both prophylactic and therapeutic. We also made an attempt to pursue this trend. Over the years of practice and during numerous courses in the field of physiotherapy and manual medicine we gained a great amount of our own experience in this field.

Our therapy is based on working with the entire patient. Its aim is to find and remove the primary disorder in the patient’s body, which is the cause of most problems with the locomotor system, and then, by means of properly selected exercises and sensorimotor training to restore motor skills and freedom of movement.

Holistic staff

Daniel Bugała

MA in physiotherapy

Michał Czeladzki

MA in physiotherapy

Marcin Jach

MA in physiotherapy

Marcin Królikowski

MA in physiotherapy

Krzysztof Sternak

MA in physiotherapy

Mikołaj Gajewski

MA in physiotherapy

Jarosław Woźniak

MA in physiotherapy

Michał Sternak

MA in physiotherapy

Tomasz Szmalec

MA in physiotherapy

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